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Case Files
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This is a stupid LJ community for a goofy comic, Case Files, coming out sometime in the next two years (hopefully!). The production schedule may change, but you can read all about the progress here.

Case Files is not a webcomic. The final version will be printed and released in hardcopy. Teasers and full chapters will be available for download and viewing at random. You can except random promotional items to come out soon. A full plot synopsis and other goodies will also be available.

As of July 12, 2006, Case Files is in pre-production. Current status (as of July 26, 2006) is as follows:

Statistics for Chapter One
Pages thumbnailed: 32/32
Pages penciled: 1/32
Pages inked: 1/32
Pages laid out: 0/32
Pages finished: 0/32

Statistics for Chapter Two
Pages thumbnailed: 18/18
Pages penciled: 0/18
Pages inked: 0/18
Pages laid out: 0/18
Pages finished: 0/18

For more comic goodness, check out: shades_comic written by Caitlin and illustrated by Jess, both of whom are awesome. Well, Jess is awesome, I know, 'cause I lived with her for a year. Caitlin is awesome because I've met her exactly once. ♥ Props to you guys!